Remote Presence - an Infinity Podcast
ep 26

The episode with no name…

This one got caught up halfway through the editing process, because Sean is incredibly busy with life, work, getting ready for his brothers wedding, and Twinfinity(which is in one month!).

To that end, I’m not going to give a notes rundown for this episode, because I just want to get it published!

Topics covered:

  • Twinfinity 2017 Selling out!
  • Joel and Greg taking over responsibilities for Infinity at The Renegade Open 2017
  • Gutier Meme Contest
  • Some final thoughts on Adepticon
  • “Affinity and Bane” models
  • Joel wraps up on his Tohaa love, and how to deal with Tohaa
  • Warning: LOTS OF MORAT CHAT!!!
  • “Smoke Dodge”: Don’t do that shit, ok?
  • Impact Template nuances
  • Listener email from Erich about recognizing your own self development as a player



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