Remote Presence - an Infinity Podcast
ep 17

Don’t be a…

Hey all!  Don’t be a…

This time around we spend some time elaborating on what we went into last week, because BOY OH BOY DID WE GET SOME FEEDBACK ON IT! 😉

A lot of it was due to either misunderstanding our message, or us not conveying it as well as we should.  A lot of the misunderstandings came as a result of what we feel is “baggage” from other games and play environments.  It lead to some great chats with listeners on the subject of “being competitive” so we wanted to spend a little more time elaborating on what we think that is: putting your best foot forward in giving your opponent a good game, while still trying to win the game and not being a dick while doing it.

That is kind of a mouthful, but it sums it up about the best way I can think.  In doing this, we kind of re-affirm the purpose of our podcast, and what it means to us as podcasters.

We talk a little about winding down our Escalation league, and about Community building a little.

We also go into the concept of “Rules that win you games” and while I won’t go into that here(you’ll have to listen!) we focus in on some rather neat rules and gear that we consider to be very valuable in helping to tip the tide in your favor while playing games.

We touch on the “Rambo Style” of play that many are fond of and offer some tips and tricks for making this playstyle work in a world of ITS missions and button pushing.

Finally we cover a great listener email from Bryan who asks us questions on ARO Lanes, starting a new Escalation league, some Haqq specific unit questions, and finally about painting tools.



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