Remote Presence - an Infinity Podcast
ep 24

Adepticon 15: An Evening with Bostria

First we took him out, wooed and plied him with sushi and alcohol in the way that a true suitor should.  Then, once he was nice and lacking in personal boundries and faculties, we got him to agree to sit in front of a microphone with us!


In this very special episode of Remote Presence, we are joined by two very special guests:

  • Carlos “Bostria” Llauger Lorenzo
  • James Chauvaux of the Lhost podcast

We get to talking about quite a bit of things.  We ask Carlos about his role at Corvus Belli, and his history within the company.  We ask about the process that goes into the creation of new units for Infinity: The Game.  We expand upon the role that data collection plays in helping game manufacturers shape their game and releases.

We absolutely do not talk about release dates, new units or sectorials, or anything like that.  Our goal in this conversation was to focus on the company and game that we love, and to try to glean some insight into its dark inner workings.

Thank you again to James for sitting down and filling in for our beloved, missing Greg and an even larger thank you to Bostria, both for taking the time to hang out with us fanboys and just generally being a truly fantastic guy, and friend of the show!



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