Remote Presence - an Infinity Podcast
ep 23

Friday at Adepticon, Part 1: Band of Podcasters

WARNING: We get kind of crass, explicit, and downright rude in this podcast.

Would you like to know what happens when four Infinity podcasters from three different Infinity podcasts all come together at a convention, consume adult beverages, and record the ensuing madness?

How about if we add in special guest painters and Warcors?  What about if we also give you a live studio audience?

SHEER MADNESS!!!  This is Part One of our ongoing series: “Infinity @ Adepticon: The darkness stares into you”

Dramatis Personae:

  • Sean Poeschl, Remote Presence
  • Joel Vaughan, Remote Presence
  • Tom Schadle, Mayacast
  • James Chauvaux, Lhost
  • Angelina Curka, RiotGrrl Painting
  • Tommy Back, Studio Ultramega Painting
  • William Thompson, Iowa Warcor
  • Live studio audience:
    • Jay and Sam from
    • Tim Toolen
    • Nestor Medina
    • I know I am forgetting someone…

We will be back later with Part 2, which includes what I suppose you could call “an interview” with Jay from!



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